Senior School Graduate

Completed from Saint Alphonsus High School (2007)


St. Alphonsus School was established in the year 1891 (Founder Fr Celeste Motet SJ), The school started as a primary school at St John’s Parish, St Mary’s Hill.  Then moved to its current location after it became the Secondary School initiative of Fr Wery.  Fr Wery then left his double hatted job of the Parish Priest/Headmaster and solely concentrated on his job as the Headmaster of SAS.  He also added St Alphonsus Industrial School.

The old school building originally known as ‘Kurseong Hotel’ (allegedly one of the most hunted house in the region at the time) became St Alphonsus School (SAS).  Rev Fr Michael Wery SJ was the main person behind the creation of the original secondary school which also helped the students from under privileged background until his death in 1957.